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Registered: 09-2007
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Number 11

I saw Hairspray for the 11th time on Saturday, matinee. I won lotto, it was my 9th time sitting front row. I wrote a review for another messageboard and was hesitant to post it here, goes nothing!

1.MJW was on, but very raspy. She was sickkkk...or getting over being sick. I feel so bad for her.
2.NO understudies, which ROCKED my world.
3.Funny story..sort of...Me, my mom and her friend went into the city to win lotto....WEll, it was PACKED..and as i was signing my name, my friend's Dad was filling out a card! i was like..OH MY GODDD!!! and then i saw my friend was his Dad, mom (my school nurse...) his brother and him. They all lottod because their mom wanted to see it! they ended up all winning, but only one/three of my group won. (sigh) i got to see it, alone..while my mom and her frined saw the 39 steps. but yeah..funny bc i never thought i'd see them in NY!

I mentioned my friend and his family being there..they were sitting in seats 2, 4, 6 and 8. That's left orch..the side where Tevin (or well, Seaweed) runs friend was joking he was going to kick the ladder out from under him so he falls. I wanted to punch my friend, hahah! But what was funny was during intermission, i spent it with my friend, and he put his ticket on stage..and forgot to take it during big dollhouse (idk how many of you have seen hairspray..but..susie always picks on a few people, normally in the front row..and normally men) and he looked at all 3 of them and she goes "HELLO GENTLEMAN. ARE YOU ENJOYING YOURSELVES..WELCOME TO PRISON..(like she always says, but then she goes....) YOU SEEMED TO HAVE LOST YOUR TICKET. I COULD HAVE SLIPPED ON THAT!!!!" it was hysterical. they were so embarrassed, but really enjoyed her performance. Niki got so many laughs, like always. haha. love her and shes such a ham! Connie was hot, like were Curt and Todd.

One thing that pissed me off was during "Miss Baltimore Crabs" Marissa and the council girls (Lori Eve, Brooke, Katie and Gretchen) totally stepped out of character. I had my eyes on them the entire time, i gave them the "are you !@#$ kidding me" look. haha. It was mostly Lori Eve and Marissa..they were having an entire conversation (i read lips...) and laughing and !@#$..then when Marissa had a line, she would pop back into character, LE would give her a dirty look (back in character, hating on Tracy) then they would go back to smiling and talking when her line was done. It made me mad. HELLO, you are on BROADWAY...act somewhat professional. I mean, the cast was certainly goofing off, i would be too, being their last week and all..but..really...

More on goofing off.....well..bloopers rather. During "It Takes Two", Brooke, Katie and Lori Eve sit stage right (our view, left) and they all sit in a row..Brooke decided to lay on her stomach and she totally kicked the lights on her way down. Kicked them, hard..and she started did I. Another blooper with the exact same light was during "Welcome To The Sixties", Curt and his hot dog stand..he crashed into the wall...and hit the light. It was funny. Luckily no one got hurt and the cart didn't fall off stage! haha. Another blooper...the music was off in the beginning of "Big Blonde and Beautiful"..and the first line is "once upon a time girl....etc" and the music is suppose to start as she sings "once" didnt as she went "onc..." she stopped, laughed..and sort of looked around at the cast for a second and the music finally started..and she re-started her line. Gotta LOVE live theatre!!!!

things that made me laugh..hard...During "The Madison" when the cast runs onstage, it's all the council kids, the 'negro' kids and Penny Pingleton. Well, Daniel was the last one running with the council kids to their positions and Niki was following him (she has to..) and he had his head turned around the entire time he was running and he was like.."STOP FOLLOWING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" it was hysterical..the face he gave her..and they were both laughing after that.

Welcome to the 60's is ALWAYS my favorite number. I can't get enough of it. The lights, costumes and almost the entire cast onstage at once..such a fun number. Last time I saw the show, I didn't know who was playing one of the characters...well, it was LON HOYT! the musical conductor. well, that performance and yesterdays was conducted by Keith..reaosn i think lon was on. it was hilarious. But the song, i just love it.

After "I Know Where I've Been" I started tearing up. It wasn't the number. It was the fact that this was my last time lottoing Hairspray, ever. I really took it all in, right there and then. During "It's Hairspray" I could NOT smile. I smiled through out the entire show, and I'm ALWAYS smiling..but i could just not bring one to my face. All I could think about was that it was my last time ever, sitting front row. But then, of course, I broke a smile in at "Cooties". KLO is soooooo funny. The entire show she had me laughing...she was such a !@#$. More funny moments with her were that when she says "she can't be miss teenage hairspray!..." etc...she laughs or whatever, and Clarke (Corny) mimicked her laughing.
Wow, thats a long review. I have so much more to say will just go straight to stagedoor...

KLo, Connie, Niki, Susie, Karen, MJW, Tevin (holy !@#$, havent seen him in a year..haha!), Kasey, Melissa and Brooke all stayed to sign..with a bonus treat, Ryan O'Connor!!! =)

I had two fisheye and my digital. Took 2 pictures with everyone, one of each, haha. Tevin was angry with me for getting two pictures..he was like.."do you really nee nother picture with me?"..ass hole. Niki's fisheye pic with me came out really funny..she made a weird face..and i didnt know she was going to. I got many compliments though because it was from Ryan. It was funny...I told him i watched his show and he was nothing but sweet. He was so so so kind...well, i asked for a picture and we took one and i was like..can we do the fisheye camera too? he was like..OHHHH! WHAT IS THAAAT? i likeee it! i was like..thast the fisheye. he was like..oh..what does it do? i was makes things round. and wide. he was like..NOOO! IT MAKES US WIDE?!?!? i dont want to look wide! and he started was really funny. then we took it and he was like....i hope it comes out okay. After stagedoor i took a pic with the hairspray marquee and MJW was still signing, and ryan was standing we had a pretty long conver about how he started with video blogging..and then marissa joined in on our conver. She's such a sweetheart. OH, i also saw Matt Scott and Ash Spenc go into the stagedoor. Terita, Katie, Daniel, and a few others walked out without signing..and thtas about it! lol
12/30/2008, 11:50 am Link to this post email   pm
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On The Short Bus

Registered: 12-2007
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Re: Number 11

I love it! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

- Connor
12/30/2008, 12:03 pm Link to this post email   pm
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On The Short Bus

Registered: 12-2007
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Re: Number 11

I know I also commented on WoO but I loved your review!

Set by Emma. On WoO.
12/30/2008, 12:44 pm Link to this post email   pm


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