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HaylieDuffFan Profile
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Registered: 09-2007
Posts: 466
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Sort of a review..

wrote this for my blog...copy and pasting...dont feel like re-wording everything for online with me, haha.'d Hairspray and basically, ALL of us won, though we didn't all need tickets. I belive there were 7 of us, and only 3 of us would be after lotto we sort of all split up....then me and Rob headed to the Spray! I was having mixed feelings about seeing Harvey because his voice sort of irritated me..but i was so so so wrong. i couldnt get enough of him! he was HYSTERICAL. He ate the bells paper during ICHTB. he came out eating a banana in one scene. he crossed his eyes at moments. he PWNd it. i cant even express how much i loved his performance. it was pure brilliance. he created it. he IS edna. he was just so funny, i couldnt take it. he had the audience cracking up the entire show. everything he did was just hilarious...Kathleen, Rob and I were dying. A hilight of the show was when Brooke (Engen..she plays Tams) was in her corner during 'dollhouse'..She KNOWS i call her a hooker bully and she KNEW i was at the show, and she KNEW i was watching her during that scene. As i was telling kathleen to watch brooke, B totally looked at me, smirked, and put her fist up towards katie donohue. it was hilarious--well--for me, rob and kathleen at least. She's a hoot and such an amazing person. More hilights--Niki had the crowd cracking up, go figure. shes so much fun. carla hargeove was on as motormouth and holy !@#$ was she fierce. i think she was padded up, which made me laugh. with all respect, ms. charlo (Motormouth) has a bigger build than Carla (a motormouth build) and fits the role so much more just becayse shes bigger (BIG BLONDE AND BEAUTIFUL...) carla is so tiny, but she still owned it as if it were her own. Marissa has completely gained my respect. Full on. I now adore her. See how things change? Her performance was perfect. She was Tracy..and i was a little sad inside because that was probably my alst time seeing her as Tracy, because she leaves on December 7th. When i finally enjoyed her performance, she's almost done with her run. O well, i guess all good things must come to an end. Tevin was there, duh. jeeeze, perfect attendance much? love him. More understudies---Ryan was on as....a motormouth kid/detention kid. so confused, and funny. There's this scene called the madison and its basically showing how the black students are seperated from the white, in their dance lines.
"how come we always have to dance in the back?"-inez
"i dunno..there's them and there's us"-seaweed
well, ryan was dancing with them. They dressed Ryan (a very white guy, haha) in long sleeves and put a hat on him (as if we couldnt tell he was white?). i found it hysterical. just because i know he was not suppose to be there. Summer was on for Lori Eve as Shelley. Her reprise was very very nice like last time. Blake Hammond (my first Edna) was on for Spritzer/anda ll the other male authority figure roles. he was good, but i really missed kevin. it was weird seeing blake as that and NOT as edna. Nicole powell was on as a dynamite since carla was on as MM. Terita was also out--reason why i think ryan was needed, jsut to fill the stage.
After Spray was done, we headed to the back of the theatre and i bought a signed hairspray can for $20. all proceeds go to BCEFA
. After that Rob and I headed outside, then back inside to meet up with Niki, who was kind enough to show us around backstage. The stagedoor guy let us in and we told him we were there to see niki, and we gave him my name and he checked us on the list and let us go on inside. niki was already on stage signing for someone..i didnt relaize it was her at but it was a fun time. she didnt get to give rob the 'grand tour' but she showed us around stage. I was FINALLY able to meet my favorite cast member Todd Michel Smith (IQ)..i have a huge crush on him, haha. he's so stinkin cute! and i was FINALLY able to meet Clarke Thorell (Corny), and i met Summer again =) and she sort of showed us some things when Niki left, and I met Carla (who was on as MM), harvey was there--but wasnt as nice as i had hoped he would be. ugh. Met connie and marissa again..connie is a total sweetheart, love him. and i met curt again, which was great bc i also have a major crush on him..haha..and then we left. So that was hairspray...

12/2/2008, 12:27 am Link to this post email   pm
Dmrockon09 Profile
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On The Short Bus

Registered: 12-2007
Posts: 235
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Re: Sort of a review..

Wonderful review! I'm going to miss this show so much.

Set by Emma. On WoO.
12/3/2008, 3:58 pm Link to this post email   pm
With0utL0V3 Profile
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On The Short Bus

Registered: 12-2007
Posts: 165
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Re: Sort of a review..

I wish I could see Hairspray again before it closes!
Thanks for your reivew. emoticon

- Connor
12/3/2008, 5:11 pm Link to this post email   pm


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