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Registered: 09-2007
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Hairspray London Review - 6/16/08

Okay, so this review is a little late but...

This was my second time seeing Hairspray in London and I was so relieved that I was getting to see Leanne Jones again as Tracy. I went to a shop to get a drink before the show, and when I turned around I seen Leanne paying for something. I think she got weirded out, because I kinda screamed "omigod, Leanne, i'm coming to see you tonight!" She was so friendly.

Anyway. I had great seats. Front row of the royal circle. Not sure if you guys call it the royal circle over there? The orchestra started and I got shivers. It didn't seem real. When the lights came up and Leanne started singing I was in love again. She has a gorgeous voice. The second time I noticed so much more about the show. The ensemble gave the show so much energy. Nicky Griffiths was on as Amber, Adam Price as Edna, Emma Dodd as F.A.F, Helen Dixon as Lou Ann and Terel Nugent as Seaweed. Every single one of those people looked like they had been playing the role since the show opened. Helen Dixon especially, she brought so much energy.
All the songs were amazing, as usual. In "I can hear the bells" when the four council girls had to stand up on chairs, Helen Dixen lost her balance and grabbed hold of the other girls dresses so she wouldn't fall. I couldn't stop laughing.
Adam Price played the part of Edna alot like Michael Ball, except Michael is the better singer. Terel Nugent was a FANTASTIC Seaweed. His acting, his singing, his dancing. I loved alot of his riffs in "Run and tell that."
Rachael Wooding is an amazing Amber. Her Amber is really self centered and really not the brightest bulb. This time I seen Nicky Griffiths and she was SOOOOO bitchy. She knew what she was doing, and made the role really evil, but so funny. She was very good.
Emma Dodd was also really good as F.A.F, but nothing really stood out for me.
Elinor Collett was so funny as penny. When Tracy says "i'm sure i'll calm down, right after I have a heart attack," Elinor was laughing like it was the funniest thing she had ever heard. I loved her.
This was my first time seeing Johnnie Fiori as Motormouth Maybelle. I almost cried when she sang "I know where i've been." I was very impressed. The whole cast gave it so much energy... I would go every week if I lived close enough.

At the stage door there were alot of people there waiting for Ben Ellis to come out.... Ben was just okay as Link by the way. When the ensemble cast members came out, they kind of put their head down and walked on, because no one seemed to want their autograph... except me. Jenii Hicks, who played Brenda walked on, until I called Brenda, because I couldn't remember her real name. She was soooooo friendly. I got talking to her for a while about her having to leave for "9 months." I loved watching her with her "morning sickness."
Fem Belling who plays Shelly was also so nice. I was sad to hear that she hasn't been on as Tracy yet. She doesn't think she will get to. Helen Dixon was also so friendly, although I forgot to tell her I seen her as she almost fell.

The whole show was amazing, and the cast were fantastic. I can't wait to go again, but next time I think I want to save to see it on Broadway. I would love to meet some Hairhoppers while i'm there too.

Anyway... I'm not great at giving reviews so thats it = ]

Last edited by Link Larkin, 7/22/2008, 5:56 pm
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On The Short Bus

Registered: 12-2007
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Re: Hairspray London Review - 6/16/08

Thanks for that review! I love hearing about international 'Spray performers.

Set by Emma. On WoO.
7/22/2008, 10:30 pm Link to this post email   pm


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